When I have a camera in my hands, I know no fear.

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone

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About MLJ Photography

MLJ Photography began in 2015, with a small pocket sized digital camera and the backyard. Hi, I am Megan Jones, and this is my site!

MLJ Photography wasn’t always that. It was also known as “The MomHood”. The MomHood, TMH for short, started out as a small blog, sharing ideas, recipes, stories, quotes and just a mix of random things, all thrown together. TMH started to gain followers and needing new content, began to branch out by joining in on fun photo challenges that other blogs were hosting. Quickly, I fell in love with photography and others liked it as well.

It didn’t take long for TMH to become a photography focus. Sharing new photos everyday. Photos from places I’ve traveled to or visited, and photos from around where I live and my family, pets and friends. For a year and half strong, TMH was rockin and rollin. THAN, life happened. Like it does for many of us.

Aside from having the website, I am also a stay at home mother, a girlfriend, school volunteer and well, all of the above. I became too busy to be on the computer or my phone all day, making sure I was posting. And before I knew it, TMH was pretty much kapoot.

I still took lots of photos over the last few years, adding to the giant archive I already own. I had visited some new places, some old. Added new items to my equipment collection and collectors collection. And now I’m back. Ready to take it all on again!

Thank You so much for visiting and taking the time to browse. I look forward to this new road in this photography journey and I most look forward to taking you all with me!



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